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Nvidia Announces The Most Powerful & Most Expensive GPU To Date

Sweet Mary of Jesus. Nvidia has announced its latest GPU – the Nvidia GTX Titan Z – that will cost around $3K. No no no, let me say that again. The latest – and most powerful – GPU from Nvidia will cost $3K. I mean, wow… do we really need such a card? Yes, some will say that 4K gaming will now be possible in triple-A games but… a $3K GPU?

According to the green team, the GeForce GTX TITAN Z is a dual-card and comes with massive 5760 cores, two Kepler cores, and 12GB of 7Gbps GDDR5 memory. I mean, daaaaaaaaamn.

Nvidia has showcased some new tech demos running on this new GPU, and you can view them below (kudos to HotHardware for capturing them).

Nvidia has also announced that its new GPU architecture called Pascal. The first Pascal cards will be hitting the market in 2016 and with this new set of graphics cards, Nvidia plans replace the PCI Express bus and combine it with a new 3D memory technology.

Enjoy (new video added thanks to our reader Stevanvel)!

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