Nuclear Dawn PC Beta Update Released

Nuclear Dawn has entered its second week of closed beta and Interwave Studios released a new update for it. This new update fixes lots of issues that the beta testers had encountered and reported so if you are participating in the closed beta phase, make sure to take a look at the changelog – which is pretty huge. As always, the patch will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client. You can view the entire changelog after the jump.
Nuclear Dawn PC Beta Update Changelog:
General Issues
-Fixed crash related to squad panel
-Fixed being stuck in “Preparing to spawn” loop
-Fixed crash related to stats
-Fixed several cvars being hidden in the beta version
-Fixed common crash when spawning and rarely when alive.
-Fixed missing translation for commander ability descriptions
-Fixed lasers remaining connected through the unpack animation of various structures
-Fixed server crash related to mutiny votes
-Optimized power system source selection code to connect to the closest, most suitable power source, rather than the farthest one
-Fixed mouse buttons not working as the voice chat button in commander mode
-Fixed rocket explosion impact material showing incorrectly for anyone using low page pooled memory in video options.
-Fixed Bunker interiors being LOD’d out on low spec machines (with r_lod set to 1)
-Removed any remaining obstructions from assassinating commanders in their chairs.
-Fixed several instances of getting stuck in the Empire Command Bunker.
-X-01 and M-95 now each have a unique model when the stabilizer gizmo is applied.
-SP-5/MP500/PP-22/MP-7 now have a red-dot attachment with the stabilizer gizmo.
-Added several new character-specific voices for radio chatter.
-Fixed several radio chat messages displaying non-localized text.
-Reduced the amount of sprite “tearing” caused by the X-01 electrical particle effect.
-Further optimised explosion and smoke particle effects.
-Improved bullet collision accuracy on structures (larger ones in particular).
-Reduced number of players needed to start a mutiny from 4 to 3.
-Fixed radar reveal circles sometimes showing in FPS view
-Fixed problem where the enemy commander was revealed to the commander
-Fixed enemy radar scan showing up for enemy
-Fixed crash related to decals on damaged structures
-Fixed changing class in the armoury keeping the previous class’ max health value.
User Interface
-Added a surrender button that commander can click to initiate a team surrender vote. If the vote gets more than 51% ( CVar: nd_commander_surrender_vote_threshold ) for the team, the surrendering team will forfeit the round and the other team will win. This option will only be available to the commander once any of the original map structures has been destroyed.
-Added structure specific HUD icon to the supply station
-Fixed problem where the RTS control group buttons interfered with movement and hot keys
-Votes and commander elections can now be seen and accepted when dead.
-Added hologram laser for empire commander to help visualize the line of sight constraint.
-Fixed spawn locations showing for the wrong team after switching teams.
-Fixed spawn locations not removing from the map when a transport gate is EMP’d.
-Added other HUD order icons.
-Enemy structure health is now revealed when you damage it
-Commander abilities now cost per use in addition to the cost for the research to unlock them.
-Tweaked Supply Station priorities, so that grenades and sidearms are no longer re-stocked first
-Added delay when resupplying EMP grenades from the supply station
-Fixed commander abilities being locked and unusable if you didn’t have more than R6000
-Fixed heal ability reducing health down to 100 for classes with health that starts above 100.
-Fixed enemy structures not always being revealed to the commander.
-Fixed enemy players always being revealed to the commander.
-Radar stations reveal stuff.
-Need to heal 150 points of health (up from 50) to get the heal experience
-Need to repair structures for 3.5 seconds (down from 5.0 seconds) to get the repair experience
-Need to do 1000 damage to structures (up from 500) to get the damage experience
-Re-balanced Siege Weapons damage to compensate for X01 splash damage
-Re-balanced Siege Weapon Homewrecker gizmos to go with the new damage values
-Shotgun: increased effective range
-Shotgun: reduced overall cone of fire
-Repair tool: increased damage against structures
-Repair tool: increased repair rate
-Commander repair: increased repair rate on all structures
-Assembler: increased overall HP
-Commander Abilities: hinder had its radius reduced from 750 to 400, to focus on its original design function
-Slightly decreased X01 beam width
-Slightly reduced COF on machine pistols

-Made two more roofs accessible in the train-yard to balance it with the amount of open CT roofs.
-Relocated CT and EMP spawn-gates, to avoid spawn sniping.
-Fixed structures building in the ground in the train-yard near EMP base
-Fixed a few billboards not colliding with players
-Replaced ladder with fire escape on the shopping mall for a few extra sniper spots and making it easier to climb down without falling off
-Increased commander camera height a little bit, to reduce lost signal messages when flying over taller buildings.
-Reverted primary resource console in a static model, to avoid players getting stuck in it.
-Fixed several props fading out to fast
-Added additional clip brushes to smooth out player movement and fix players getting stuck in several spots.
-Fixed several small bugs throughout the level
-Fixed players getting stuck in primary point
-Added additional clip brushes to smooth out player movement and fix players getting stuck in several spots
-Fixed players getting stuck in bushes
-Fixed several small bugs throughout the level