Nuclear Dawn launches officially on Steam tonight; Retail version went Gold and coming on October 14th

InterWave Studios announced today the official release of Nuclear Dawn, its first commercial title, on Valve’s distribution server, Steam. As Nuclear Dawn’s release date approaches, players worldwide are preparing to face and crush the enemy war machine in this exciting blend of FPS action and RTS strategy.

With hard-hitting class-based combat, tactical choices that actually bear an impact on your team’s victory, and a full-fledged high level RTS Commander mode to assist and guide FPS players, Nuclear Dawn’s gameplay has been widely praised in previews and reviews.
Nuclear Dawn can be purchased directly from Steam tonight and will only cost you 17.99 euros – as it currently has a 10% discount. The game will be also available on various other digital platforms and outlets at a later date.
On the other hand, publisher Iceberg Interactive, in co-operation with Just A Game and developer Interwave Studios announced that the game has gone Gold and will be released on 14 October 2011 in retail stores across Scandinavia and Benelux on PC and MAC, and on 21 October in Germany, Switzerland, Austria. Iceberg is also selling the game worldwide on several digital portals.