Notch will take down Minecraft’s and Mojang’s websites on January 18th as a protest against SOPA

In a way to protest against SOPA, Notch decided to make Minecraft F2P on January 18th. This is something that Jens Bergensten has suggested to Notch and… well… Notch thought it would be cool and a pretty original way to show that they are against it.
As Notch tweeted:
“I think we’re going to go with @jeb_’s suggestion of just making Minecraft free to play all day the 18th.”
Notch has also¬†said that some official news will come out as soons as it’s decided.
Earlier today, we’ve informed you about Notch’s opinion about Minecraft’s piracy, so go ahead and read what the man behind this ‘pixely-heaven’ indie game had to say.
Let’s see now what other developers will come out with for that day!
Notch has announced that instead of making Minecraft F2P, they will silently take down and on the 18th in protest of SOPA.