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Nintendo Switch emulator, Yuzu, runs Super Mario Odyssey with 40-50fps and One Piece with 60fps

The Nintendo Switch emulator, Yuzu, appears to be progressing at an incredible pace. In just a matter of days, its developers were able to significantly increase performance in Super Mario Odyssey as the game can now run with more than 30fps on high-end CPUs.

BSoD Gaming showcased the game running with 45-55fps on an Intel Core i7 8700K. Compared to yesterday’s build, the latest Yuzy build saw a 20fps performance increase. Unfortunately, though, the game still suffers from major graphical issues, missing textures and sharers, and glitches. Still, the fact that Yuzu can actually run this latest triple-A Mario game at 50fps is pretty amazing, and we expect things to get better in the next few months.

On the other hand, ONE PIECE: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition can now be played with 60fps on the latest version of Yuzu. The Nintendo Switch emulator appears to be rendering the game correctly and this title can now be considered playable. It’s not perfects (as there are some graphics issues) but it can be easily be played now.

Furthermore, the latest version of Yuzu improves overall performance in other 2D and 3D games too, and is currently available for download. Those interested can download it from here.


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