Night Dive Studios may be possibly teasing a Blood Remaster

Old-school FPS fans, here is something interesting for you today. Night Dive Studios has shared an image on its official Facebook page, possibly teasing a Blood Remaster. Now the image that the studio has shared is not 100% identical to the blood found on the game’s original boxart, which is why I’m marking this as a rumour.

Below you can find the image that Night Dive Studios shared.

And here is the game’s original boxart. As you can see, there are some differences here (apart from being high-res of course).

As with most of Night Dive Studios remasters, you should not expect any major changes from the original version. Yes, we’ll get some hardware rendering options (you know, like hardware instead of software rendering) but the sprites will not get overhauled and the textures will remain the same.

In other words, if Night Dive Studios teases a Blood Remaster, it will be similar to the Turok Remaster. Still, we are pretty sure that some old-school fans will rejoice with a new version of Blood running on modern-day systems (without the need to use external/third-party tools).

We’ll be sure to keep you posted!