Next Day: Survival has left Steam Early Access and is fully released

Pay At10tention has announced that its action survival MMORPG, Next Day: Survival, has left Steam Early Access and is fully released. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team has released some new screenshots, as well as the game’s launch trailer.

The final version of Next Day: Survival has fixed more than 1000 bugs and errors, added 4 new locations: Bunker A65, Primorye, Dead Swamp, Catacombs, added 32 items of clothing (jackets, pants, hats and so on), added 14 new weapons, added 12 new species of animals, including unique species of animal bosses, added 10 new types of NPCs – quest ones as well as enemies, added 21 new quests and 22 more quests are already at the final stage of development and updated lighting in all the locations; updated all visual effects and improved graphics.

As the press release reads, the action of the MMORPG survival Next Day takes place on a fictional post-Soviet territory, mostly covered in toxic smog. Your main goal is to survive, level up your character, interact with the world, other player and non-player characters. Along the game, your character earns reputation, which ultimately enables it to join various survivors’ factions, each of which has their pros and cons.

Next Day: Survival currently has mixed reviews on Steam and is priced at 8,99€ (though it comes with a 15 discount until May 28th).


Next Day Final Trailer (ENG)