New Updates for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta and Portal 2

Good news for Portal 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players as Valve has released new updates for them. Portal 2’s update comes with various optimizations and rendering improvements for the Puzzle Maker, better item handle interactions and better progress indication for compiling puzzles. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s update, on the other hand, features updated weapons based on performance metrics, bot behavior has been adjusted to fix the “antline” looking behavior and player spawns have been added to all maps to support up to 30 players. Naturally, those updates will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view their complete changelogs below. Enjoy!
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Update Changelog:
• Updated weapons based on performance metrics:
– Slightly increased the damage for the fiveseven to keep it on par with other pistols.
– Lowered the max width of the recoil patterns for the MG’s to make them better for their price point.
– Lowered the spread on the Negev to be more in line with the m249.
• Improvements have been made to burst fire and tapping.
• Added player spawns to all maps to support up to 30 players.
• Player spawns are now randomly selected from a prioritized list of spawn locations in order to better support more players per map.
• Adjusted bot behavior to fix the “antline” looking behavior.
• Added support for server operators to specify tick rate with the –tickrate parameter.
• Physics simulation tick rate now set to be the same as the game tick interval.
• Bullet tracers have had improvements made to speed, visual effect, and frequency.
• Chickens added to Inferno
• The Server Browser sorts Favorites and Lan tabs by ping rather than Tags.
• The radar will no longer display an ‘X’ for dying players when they are not within sight of the player or player’s teammate.
• Weapons with a burst mode will now show which state the gun is in on the ammo panel.
• Input device is now locked to whatever device launched the game session.
• Updated the Kevlar and Kevlar + Helmet buy menu images.
• Updated the Domination icons.
• Footsteps update position more often by shifting position determination to client side entity tracking.
• Tuned ambient sounds in most maps
Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug with individual pistol round-based achievements. They can only be earned in Classic game mode now.
• Fix for changing video settings while in game sometimes causing a deadlock.
• Added a popup message triggered when a player attempts to initiate a vote on a server with voting disable.
• Fixed bug where player’s nav area would be reported as being on the floor below them causing the radar location to be displayed incorrectly.
• Fixed several UI related crash issues.
• Third party map and _SE map names no longer display in the scoreboard with the #SFUI_MAP_ localization token.
Portal 2 Update Changelog:
– Added more descriptive error messages to common publishing failures.
– Optimizations and rendering improvements for the Puzzle Maker.
– Fixed compile error from fizzlers in certain orientations.
– Fixed stacked goo creating kill triggers that spanned between the two levels of goo.
– Fixed connection symbols potentially leaking outside the map, causing maps to fail compiling.
– Fixed some lightboards not showing their map titles and tags properly
– Fixed compiler error when trying to compile certain very large maps.
– Localization fixes and additions.
– Autosaves made while playing workshop/puzzlemaker maps no longer conflict with singleplayer saves.
– Fixed glass not having collision before being moved after being dropped in.
– Fixed paint dropper arc becoming weird while extruding.
– Fixed going through portals on angled platforms in goo killing the player.
– A loading screen will always show up when playing puzzlemaker/workshop maps and dying or restarting the maps.
– Using puzzlemaker_export to export a custom vmf will make the player start in the elevators and not spawn the triggers that restart the map when walking in the exit hallway
– Better progress indication for compiling puzzles.
– Paint is valid on goo and buttons now.
– Fixed a crash on completing the preview puzzle.
– Fixed the first item in the map list not always showing valid information.
– Fix a variety of bugs (some Mac-specific, mostly platform-independent) which made the texture filter setting in the Advanced Video Options act incorrectly.
– Fixed bug with light strips and fizzlers sometimes changing the portalability of the surface they were on during export.
– Fizzlers are now properly sorted when a portal shot hits a fizzler. This makes the correct fizzler light up when there are multiple fizzlers along the portal shot.
– Better item handle interactions.
– The catapult target is now copyable. Copying the target will drop a catapult on the spot and attach a target to your cursor.
– Fixed the box dropper and paint dropper disappearing if you did Undo past their creation, then Redo back through it.
– Fixed hitting “Undo” while dragging causing weird behaviors.
– “Bendy” player model appears in all community map chambers now
– Right mouse button clicking on a solid volume selection boundary surface no longer clears selection.
– Bound ‘view reset’ to H as well as Home, for Mac users without a Home key
– Removed bad keyvalues from elevator_exit instance
– Fixed a crash due to deleted items not removing their collision entries
– Fixed glass and rail platforms computing the wrong extents just after being undeleted.