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New Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch released, brings multiple fixes & tweaks to every aspect of the game

The Unofficial Patch Project Team has released a brand new version of Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch. In case you weren’t aware of, Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch is a comprehensive bugfixing mod for Fallout 4 and its goal is to eventually fix every bug with Fallout 4 not officially resolved by the developers to the limits of the Creation Kit and community-developed tools, in one easy-to-install package.

This latest version of the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, version 2.0.6, brings numerous fixes and tweaks to pretty much all aspects of the game. For example, this latest patch adds a missing property and corrected an invalid one in the Inst301 quest, removes an invalid property in the InstR03NEW quest and corrects two invalid properties in the InstR05 quest.

Alongside the Quest fixes, this new version of UF4P comes with Actors, Effects, Items, Locations, Mesh, Papyrus, Terminal and Placement/Layout/Ownership and other World Object fixes.

Those interested can download the latest version of this unofficial patch from here, and below you can find a portion of its changelog (you can find its full release notes here).

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch Version 2.0.6 Release Notes

UFO4P Fixes

  • The file for the power armor frame fix was in the wrong folder and thus not taking effect.
  • The pickup sounds added to Shipment_Steel_250, Shipment_Wood_250, Shipment_Rubber_large, Shipment_Ceramic_large, Shipment_Copper_large had to be restored because they had been inadvertently removed when the shipment script properties on these items were fixed (Bug #25484).
  • DLC03:FogCondenserFurnitureScript: The tracking bool added by UFO4P 2.0.1 for Bug #22143 was initialized with a wrong default value (Bug #23910).

Actor Fixes

  • Barney (DN083_Barney) is now essential until the player enters the trigger zone around his house, so he will no longer die for unknown reasons before his quest starts running (Bug #20438) [NR].
  • Clarabell, the named brahmin at Abernathy Farm (EncBrahminClarabell) did not respond to feeding troughs because she was never formally added to the workshop and thus never got the package to handle that (Bug #20179).

Effect Fixes

  • TeleportOutSpellEffect: Invalid property removed from TeleportSpellEffectScript (Bug #25184).
  • DLC01LvlMechProtectronPod_AbRaceProtectronEffect: Missing script properties added (Bug #24673).

Item Fixes

  • PlayerHouse_KitchenSink01Activator, PlayerHouse_Ruin_KitchenSink01Activator, Vault_Sink_01Activator, DLC06Vault_Sink_01Activator: The scripts on these objects were missing the female drinking sounds and the pointer to the Tutorial quest (Bug #23076).
  • DN015LaserEmmitter (sic, it’s misspelled): Missing sound property added (Bug #21890).
  • DLC01TrackSystem_TrackDummy: Improved the fix for a missing node name from UFO4P 2.0.5 to make it apply retroactively (Bug #24678).
  • Armor_RaiderMod_Torso: The sturdy and heavy raider chest pieces did never appear in epic versions because the object templates for the epic items were mistakenly referencing the mod collections for the synth armor chest pieces instead of those for the raider armor chest pieces (Bug #25311).
  • Added a “null mod” for ballistic weave and a corresponding construction recipe, to allow the player to remove ballistic weave mods from clothing items. Some vanilla object templates have a null mod specified already but this never worked because that mod is set up to attach to a different slot (Bug #20496).
  • LL_Armor_Wastelander_Combined mistakenly returned two armors and a hat instead of selecting from the armors and combining the result with the hat (Bug #25332).
  • DLC04_PA_Material_Placeholder: Invalidated the duplicated T-51 Sugar Bombs paint job by removing its mod association keywords, so it will no longer be listed twice in the workbench menu. Items that have this mod attached already will remain unaffected (Bug #23662).

Location Fixes

  • Lexington Garage: Fixed a navmesh gap and improved some navmesh sections that were buried below huge dirt piles (Bug #20323).
  • Medford Memorial Hospital: Fixed a bad navmesh section in a doorway and corrected a couple of vertices that were floating too far above the ground (#20415).
  • Ownership issues arising when the player decides to oppose Dr Chambers in MS17 (The Human Error) are now solved by adding the player to CovenantFaction once he gains control of the workshop. If siding with Dr Chambers, MS17 adds him to that faction anyway, but the quest can’t do that in the other case because it shuts down before the player returns to Covenant and no one at Covenant would turn hostile if it did (Bug #20184).
  • Once the Covenant workshop is owned by the player, the doors 00020371, 000E0514, 000E0516, 000E053F, 000E0540, 000E5880 that are scripted to get relocked on reload are now swapped for non-scripted versions that do not require a key. The script that handles this swap will also disable the triggers 000786FB, 000786FC, 000786FD, 00078705, 00078718, 000E92A2 that are scripted to close the aforementioned doors once they have been opened (Bug #20369).
  • The two generic settlers (CovenantGenericF01, CovenantGenericM01) have been included in the cleanup procedure that handles disabling of the dead bodies after MS17 (Human Error) has stopped running (Bug #24468).
  • The turrets at Covenant will now be disabled on unload after they have been destroyed. Using them as workshop turrets is not possible because they are missing the scripts and all other prerequisites to make this work, so they would never add to the defense rating and could not be repaired. To give the player a reason to destroy them, their aggression and confidence data were set to aggressive and foolhardy (like all other turrets in the game), so they will attack now as one would expect it if the player fights the people at Covenant (Bug #20368).
  • Spectacle Island: The preplaced dead corpses will now be disabled when the area unloads for the first time after the player has gained control of the workshop (Bug #25297).

Mesh Fixes

  • LS_WeaponsWorkbench01: Fixed the position of a glue bottle that was clipping with a metal case (Meshes\SCOL\Fallout4.esm\CM0022B988.nif) (Bug #23294).

Quest Fixes

  • One of Mark Summerset’s dialogue lines (0016C7F2) was not properly checking to make sure the player is wearing a vault suit. (Bug #25239)
  • RETravelKMK03, RETravelKMK05: These quests were missing checks to prevent them from running again after the actors they made appear in roadside encounters (Smiling Larry and The Scribe) were recruited by the player (Bug #20656).
  • DialogueDiamondCity: Solomon’s dialogue topics on mutated fern were mistakenly checking whether the start stage of FFDiamondCity03 was completed but this stage was never set when the player already had a fern in his inventory when Solomon asked him for mutated fern for the first time (Bug #20272).
  • RETravelSC02: Fixed an issue with the startup of this quest where manipulation of a reference in a quest alias could fail because it was done in a fragment that was running while the quest was still being initialized (Bug #23698). [NR]
  • Min02, Min03: Missing properties added (Bug #23653).
  • Min03 (Old Guns): The quest will now advance also if Sarge is deactivated with the robotics expert perk rather than killed (Bug #24121) [NR].
  • Min01: Missing properties added (Bug #23307).
  • Companions will no longer comment about mirelurk hatchlings and hermit crab spawn as if they were radroaches (Bug #19729).
  • DogmeatQuest: Invalid property removed from topic info fragment TIF_DogmeatQuest_001AB268 (Bug #23358).
  • InstM01: Removed an invalid property (Bug #25412).
  • Inst302: Corrected a quest property that was erroneously pointing to a mirelurk nest pile (Bug #25347).
  • MinDefendCastle: Cleared a flag on the attacker collection alias script that resulted in the quest trying to track death counts with the help of REScript which MinDefendCastleScript extends, although the quest has not been designed to do it that way and is also missing all other script properties needed to make this work at all. As a result, the scripts ran superfluous code and spilled an error every time an attacker was killed (Bug #25417) [NR].
  • Inst301: Added a missing property and corrected an invalid one (Bugs #25348, #25349).
  • InstR03NEW: Removed an invalid property (Bug #25414).
  • InstR05: Corrected two invalid properties (Bug #25346).
  • FFGoodneighbor08: Fixed several issues with this quest’s shut down (Bug #23228) [NR].
  • REObjectRO3: Fixed an issue with the startup of this quest where starting a scene could fail because the start call came from a fragment that was running while the quest was still being initialized (Bug #23738).
  • DLC01MQ02: Removed a line from the stage 2800 fragment that tried to complete a non-existing objective (Bug #23268).
  • DN092: Added checks to scene fragment SF_DN092_BossTauntScene_0001F68D to prevent it from trying to initiate combat with dead actors (Bug #23370).
  • FFDiamondCity10: Added a line to the quest script to remove ownership of the door to the mayor’s office, so it will no longer be considered a crime to open the door to confront McDonough (Bug #23864) [NR].
  • FFDiamondCity12: Fixed an issue where this quest tried to set a stage on an event-scoped quest without previously checking whether it was even running (Bug #23091).
  • MQ102: Removed a line from the stage 55 fragment that tried to complete a non-existing objective (Bug #23368).
  • RRR01b: Removed a line from the stage 100 fragment that never worked and always threw an error because the reference it tried to enable is always in a container when this fragment runs (Bug #24550).
  • RRR03: Compiled an OnLocationChange event that lived on the quest fragment script but was not part of any fragment down to a stub because it never worked. It was also not needed because it was supposed to shut down the quest when a specific stage was set but that stage stopped the quest anyway (Bug #25161).