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New Super Mario 64 PC mods add retro HD models, fix Mario’s HD model head glitch

Back in May, we informed you about the release of a native DX12 version of Super Mario 64 for the PC that is available for download. And today, we are happy to report that there are some new mods that you can use with it.

The first mod adds new retro HD models for a number of objects. This is something that a lot of Super Mario 64 fans will find interesting. After all, it will improve the game’s graphics and will retain its original art style.

⭐ Super Mario 64 PC Port - Mods - Render96 HD Model Pack v1.0 - 4K 60fps

The second mod features a fix for Mario’s HD model head glitch. This glitch occurred when using the HD model for Mario alongside the 60fps patch. Thus, we suggest downloading if you already use these two mods.

⭐ Super Mario 64 PC Port - Mods - HD Mario & 60FPS Patch: Head Glitch Fix - 4K 60fps

The third mod is Hypatia’s Mario Craft 64. This texture pack adds new HD textures for a papel craft look.

⭐ Super Mario 64 PC Port - Mods - Hypatia's Mario Craft 64 Texture pack - 4K 60FPS

Lastly, here is a video showing you how to compile Super Mario 64 PC Port using a GUI.

⭐ sm64pcBuilder2 fast Tutorial - How to compile Super Mario 64 PC Port using a GUI

As always, we won’t be linking directly to the unofficial PC version of Super Mario 64. Still, I’m pretty sure that by now most of you have figured out how to download it. We won’t also allow comments with pirated content, so you’ve been warned.

Kudos to “Unreal” for sharing these videos with us!