New Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order details; rest points, secret explore-able areas, enemy encounters & more

Jedi Fallen Order is the next big EA game coming at the end of this year on November. So far the game looks good, nothing really impressing but it looks interesting nonetheless.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind the game, released a lengthy gameplay video showcasing aspects of the game. Recently they released another lengthier video which shows a bit more.

There are several details which are not showed in the gameplay videos; such as the rest points which honestly was the strangest detail of them all. Think rest points as bonfires from Dark Souls and these rest points work exactly the same, well almost. You can rest, manage your abilities, refresh your healing resources, and the enemies respawn. I do not know how will this work since there are no attributes/stats in the game that you can level up, as far as I know. This mechanic works with Dark Souls because you level up to your heart’s content.

Fallen Order on the other hand has skill points that you can spent to unlock new powers. Honestly, this feels out of place but we will have to wait and see if it actually works well in this game.

Here is a list with more details that caught my eye:

  • The droid BD-1 can project a 3D map Metroid Prime style
  • BD-1 can heal you but the number of heals is limited
  • You can revisit previous areas and unlock new areas with new powers
  • You can avoid specific enemy encounters
  • There is looting in the game and you can loot different things like lightsaber crystals, hilts, clothes, etc
  • There are several things you can customize like your appearance, lightsaber, BD-1 and your space ship
  • No multiplayer or micro-transactions (or so they say)
  • You cannot go Dark side (honestly the impaling finisher is definitely not a Light side thing)
  • There are secret explore-able areas

Let’s hope most of these features will make it to the the final game.

Thanks PC Gamer