New SOL: Exodus Update comes with various optimizations and fixes

Seamless Entertainment has released a new update for their action space shooter game, SOL: Exodus. This new update comes with various optimizations and among other things, the update decreases the game’s load times and adds a visibility cone to the radar for easier readability for the time being. As always, the update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view its entire changelog after the jump.
SOL: Exodus is developed on UDK and is the first downloadable, 3D space-action game that leverages the power of modern graphics technology to deliver epic space battles featuring enormous capital ships, hordes of spacecraft, and beautifully rendered planetary battlegrounds in an action-packed, cinematic presentation reminiscent of TV shows and movies.
And here is the complete changelog:
– Decreased level load times
– Various optimizations
– If locking a missile on a target, and missile lock is then lost (out of view, changed target), user may release the missile fire button without firing a missile. This is only if they release the button before a new lock is acquired.
– Docking penalty re-added
– Added a visibility cone to the radar for easier readability for the time being.
– Fixes for the afterburner sound sometimes playing constantly after use.
– Virtual Mouse Joystick mode should now respect deadzone and sensitivity settings, though more work needs done still.
– MAG cannon projectile speed increase
– HADES Missile slight speed / health increase
– Reduced chances lower difficulty enemy fighters will shoot missiles out of the air.
– Increased speed of Gunships
– Increased potency and accuracy of Gunship turrets
– Mission 3 has gotten a complete revamp. No more transports to save and, in general, is much more action-orientated than before.
– Mission 5 Gunship exit points moved further out from their spawn point allowing players enough time to kill them (this was needed due to their speed increase)