New Skyrim Mod Overhauls The Game’s Dungeons and Ruins Environments

Modder ‘Aron’ has released a new mod that overhauls Skyrim’s Dungeons and Ruins environments. In short – and according to its description – this mod adds a set of textures and – more important – a set of edited meshes enhanced with parallax depth-effect. Be warned though that there might be some conflicts with the ‘elnfx’ and ‘smim’ meshes (if you’re using custom texture packs for them).
This mod can be downloaded from here. Those of you interested in Aron’s mods can also download his Vivid Landscapes – Rocking Stones and Mountains Parallax mod and his Vivid Landscapes – Cliffs and Creeks mod.
TES V - Skyrim Mods: Vivid Landscapes - Dungeons and Ruins