New Serious Sam 3 Update Released

Croteam has released a new update for the PC version of Serious Sam 3. This patch fixes graphics corruption under OpenGL if game is minimized or “alt-tabbed” while it is loading content, other issues that plagued the game’s Steam Workshop, and adds some other stuff about the Serious Editor. The update will be auto-downloaded next time you star the Steam client and you can view its complete changelog below. Enjoy!
Serious Sam 3 Update Changelog:
– Added a script that offers to automatically install libpci.3 on linux if it is missing.
– Fixed graphics corruption under OpenGL if game is minimized or “alt-tabbed” while it is loading content.
– Fixed screen-shot grabbing and manual save-game thumbnails not working under OpenGL.
– OpenGL library can now load even if some vendor dependent functions are missing.
– X11 libraries on Linux are now dynamically loaded, so game can properly report and error if something is missing.
– Dedicated server on Linux no longer requires X11 to be installed.
– Fixed problems with filenames of wrong case that happened only with Linux dedicated server.
– Full support for language packs in Workshop. Language mods can now work even in pure (non-moddable) version of the game, and don’t require any customization from user side. Just subscribe to them.
– Workshop packages menu is now also available in non-moddable version of application (this allows enabling/disabling of language packs).
– User is now properly notified when Steam Workshop content download fails.
– Fixed issues that might have prevented some user accounts from uploading to Workshop.
– SeriousEditor now displays Steam Workshop sync progress in status bar.
– Upload to Steam Workshop command is no longer available until Steam Workshop sync is finished. Previuously, it locked up the application.
– Fixed an issue causing clients to always see weapon change on HUD at game start.
– Fixed a lockup happening if spectator cameras are linked in a closed loop. This only happened with user-made levels.
– Weapon change attempt is now correctly being indicated on HUD if performed during sprint.
– Fixed popup menus in Serious Editor sometimes going off the bottom of the screen in multimonitor setups.
– Fixed duplicate directory entries being shown in Serious Editor in file browsing for directories inside user-made .gro files.
– Added vertex merge when importing fbx meshes.
– Added facilities in Serious Editor to automate editing on entities from console scripts.
– Added cfuncs edtGetMemberValue(strUserDataPath) and edtSetMemberValue(strUserDataPath, value) used to change entity properties.
– Added cfunc edtSelectEntityPropertyByID(iEntityID).