Half Life Classic feature

New screenshots released for Half-Life’s 1999 demo recreation, Black Mesa: Uplink Redux

Modder ‘Hezus’ is currently working on Black Mesa: Uplink Redux and released some brand new screenshots for it. Black Mesa: Uplink is the recreation of the Half-Life demo (Hal-Life: Uplink) released by Valve in early 1999 which featured content that was scrapped from the original storyline.

As its title suggests, this mod will be based on the Black Mesa: Uplink mod that was released in 2012, and will feature upgraded graphics and content.

In addition, Hezus revealed that he will make this mod longer than the initial Uplink demo. As such, the modder is going to add more areas in between the existing areas in order to make it bigger and longer than its initial concept.

There is no ETA yet for Half-Life: Uplink Redux, but we’ll be sure to let you know once it’s released. Until then, enjoy the screenshots!