New Nvidia drivers come with performance boosts for Dishonored, rFactor 2 & Blacklight: Retribution

Nvidia has released a new WHQL version of their ForceWare drivers. GeForce 296.10 WHQL come with performance boosts for a variety of games, especially when it comes to SLI. Moreover, it seems that Arkane Studios’ upcoming game, Dishonored, will be an Nvidia powered title as there is already an SLI profile for it. These new drivers also offer numerous bug fixes, so be sure to read their release notes.
Here are the key features of GeForce 296.10 WHQL:
New in Release 296.10:

•Adds support for the new GeForce GTX 560 SE GPU.
•Updates PhysX System Software to version 9.12.0213.
•Boosts SLI performance in the following games:
-Blacklight: Retribution – up to 1.8x performance increase
-DiRT 3 – updated DX11 profile to improve menu performance
-Dungeon Defenders
-F1 2011 – improves performance with game patch 1.2
-rFactor 2
•Adds 3D Vision support for the following games:
-Dear Esther – Rated Good
-Deep Black: Reloaded – Rated 3D Vision Ready
•Includes numerous bug fixes. Refer to the release notes documentation for more details.
Those interested can download the new drivers from here.