New mod adds HTC Vive and actual motion controller support to Doom 3: BFG Edition

Github’s ‘Codes4Fun’ has released a really interesting mod for the BFG Edition of Doom 3. This mod adds HTC Vive and actual motion controller support to Doom 3, letting PC gamers experience id Software’s shooter in VR.

This mod also adds room-scale tracking, runs at 90FPS in stereo mode, and all weapons now feature a laser sight in order to make aiming easier than before.

This is a really cool mod, and we strongly suggest downloading in case you own an HTC Vive headset.

Here is how you can make this mod work:

  • Download the latest version of RBDOOM-3-BFG mod available (currently 1.1.0) from the Github. The mod is a .zip file containing a few files inside.
  • Extract ALL the files from the .zip into the Doom 3 BFG game folder (where you installed the game, for me its C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DOOM 3 BFG Edition\)
  • Start up Steam VR and power up the Vive controllers, and wait until all are green and ready in SteamVR.
  • Double click on the RBDoom3BFG.exe file and put on your Vive headset.
  • Enjoy Doom 3 BFG gameplay in VR on your Vive


DOOM 3 BFG VR Gameplay on HTC Vive with roomscale and motion controller tracking in Virtual Reality!