Desperados 3 wallpaper

New free update for Desperados 3 adds Bounty Mode

THQ Nordic announced that Desperados 3 received a new free update that adds to it a Bounty Mode. As the press release reads, the Bounty Mode is now part of the game and lets you choose which of the five Desperados you want to play in almost every major mission.

Additionally, the newly activated “Level Editing Cheats” allows you to create your own mission setups and share your save games with all other Desperados III players. Basically, it’s a level editor light. By using the cheat codes, players can easily clean a map and then spawn all types of enemies in any location and have fun by placing different objects throughout the level.

As always, Steam will download this free update the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find a new trailer for the Bounty Mode.


Desperados III - Bounty Mode Update Trailer