New Final Fantasy XV patch fixes Offline mode and in-game Modlist

Square Enix has released a brand new patch for the PC version of Final Fantasy XV. While the team has not revealed any release notes yet, we can confirm that the Offline mode and the in-game Modlist have been fixed and are working now.

Now while the in-game Modlist works, there is still a bug that allows a mod-weapon’s skin to “take over” every other mod-weapon. So yeah, the in-game Modlist is not perfect yet and the development team will have to fix this bug too.

The PC patch is around 109MB in size and will update your game’s version to 2895458. Square Enix has also released patch 1.25 for consoles so we can assume that the PC patch also contains the fixes featured in it. The console patch corrects an issue that prevented avatars from displaying properly in Comrades and fixes a bug caused when editing certain slider settings (eye spacing) from the default.

We’ll update this story once Square Enix reveals the official changelog for this latest Final Fantasy XV PC patch.