New Fade to Silence update adds a new region, brings multiple performance improvements

THQ Nordic has released a new huge update for Fade to Silence that adds a new zone, The Wreck. As the press release reads, The Wreck used to be a recreation area with a scenic view of the river delta before the apocalypse. Now, a massive freighter overlooks the area atop a ridge and its containers are strewn about, creating labyrinths, corridors, and pockets.

Moreover, a new companion is ready to be found and recruited, Ryme, and another new character makes it’s first appearance in the game, Alice.

This update also comes with multiple performance improvements, updated radial menus (implemented auto-snapping for comfort), improves the upkeep system, and packs multiple UI and HUD improvements.

This update is 5GB in size and will be auto-downloaded from Steam. Below you can find its complete changelog.

Fade to Silence Patch Unity Release Notes


  • Multiple performance improvements
  • Multiple UI and HUD improvements
  • Cleaned up and re-fitted Follower task icons w/ proper ones
  • Updated radial menus, implemented auto-snapping for comfort


  • Changed intro scene to include Alice
  • Replace outpost stashes to show final behavior (mirror Camp Stash) + provide new loot for outpost cleansin
  • Cosmetic changes the first shelter at the veil
  • Ackno system for Followers + Alice
  • Ingame Kinematics system for human characters implemented
  • Multiple Monster AI & behavior improvements
  • Spitters’ projectiles now home in on the player
  • Adjusted ballista and mortar damage
  • Improved the upkeep system
  • Updated PC inventory slot size and inv.size bonuses granted by equippable bags for tiers 1 and 2
  • Loca and text improvements