New DOTA 2 Update comes with new Gameplay, UI, Visuals and Bots fixes/improvements

Valve has released a new beta update for DOTA 2. Among other things, this update adds Shadow Demon, fixes Dust of Appearance not affecting magic immune heroes and adjust the Venomancer injured animation. Moreover, this update features various gameplay, UI, visuals, audio, and bots fixes/improvements. As usual, the patch will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view its entire changelog after the jump.
DOTA 2 Update Changelog:
– Added Shadow Demon!
– Updated Dota 2 to 6.74 parity (Tournament mode will be updated to this next week)
– Fixed Dust of Appearance not affecting magic immune heroes.
– Added support for Shared Unit Control.
– Added support for Disable Help.
– Fixed illusion kill crediting.
– Bane: Fixed Nightmare being able to affect magic immune units.
– Bounty Hunter: Fixed Jinada proccing on friendly units and towers.
– Broodmother: Fixed Insatiable Hunger not being purgable.
– Broodmother: Fixed Incapacitating Bite missing a little bit of bonus damage (2/4/6/8)
– Pudge: Fixed being unable to hook Nightmared targets.
– Silencer: Fixed not gaining int with Last Word when a hero dies to Tornado.
– Warlock: Fixed being unable to force staff your Golem.
– Fixed Dark Troll Warlord’s ensanre not revealing invisible units that are trapped in it.
– Fixed a case where using a courier to “Grab All” from the stash would fail to move all items.

– Added copy + paste support.
– Fixed Flying Courier recipe not having a small stock cooldown (to prevent accidental multiple buys)
– Item Auras now show buff icon on the carrier (Basilius, Aquila).
– Fixed a case where an order to sell an item arrived soon after the item was used in a combine and resulted in the item being sold as well as combined.
– Matchmaking, Coop and lobbies without bots now get server priority over single player bot lobbies.
– Fixed various sounds ignoring FoW.
– Adjusted Venomancer injured animation.
– Added gold on treasure chest.
– Added a difficulty level setting for coop bot matchmaking
– Made bots increasingly bad at last-hitting as you lower difficulty level.
– Fixed bug where bots wouldn’t command non-illusion minions (ie. Necro guys).
– Bots that take damage from a nearby invisible hero (Radiance, Ion Shell) will now detect the hero as being nearby.
– Bots now have a moderate aversion to Radiance damage.
– Bots will now pick up Aegis/Cheese/Rapier even if human allies are nearby, after 3 seconds of the human not picking it up.
– Significantly increased the avoidance of the enemy fountain, should help to prevent fountain-diving.
– On Easy, bots won’t focus on breaking channels with stuns.
– On Easy, bots won’t try to dodge projectiles.
– On Easy, the bots will never push with more than 3 heroes.
– On Medium, the bots will never push with more than 4 heroes.
– Bots will no longer try to stun to break Windrunner chanelling Power Shot.
– Bots now know to try to avoid EMP, Dark Seer’s wall, and Chronosphere.
– Added a bit of randomness to the Team Roam group-up location so they don’t all hump each other.
– Fixed bug that was causing bots to not consider invulnerable towers as potential TP targets.
– Adjusted how we calculate “too dangerous to TP into”, so bots should be less suicidal when TPing in to defend.
– When bots really would like to defend a tower but are lacking the ability to TP there, we greatly increase the “consider going to the side shop to buy a TP” distance.
– Fixed bug where bots would path to the wrong location when farming a neutral camp.