New developer diary for Brutal Doom version 21 details new animations, multiplayer & PSX Levels

Modder SGtMarkIV has released a new developer diary for Brutal Doom version 21, detailing all the new features that are coming to it. According to the modder, this new version of Brutal Doom will add alternative fire modes to most of the weapons.

Moreover, SGtMarkIV has added new gib physics and death animations to a variety of enemies/monsters. Special little details such as Archvile’s flame attack no longer blocking the players’ view are also a nice welcome.

Gameplay wise, SGtMarkIV  has added a head hitbox to the Archvile so that players can headshot it. Doors can also squish dead bodies, and players will be able to see the correct weapon skins in multiplayer.

Brutal Doom will offer a rebalanced multiplayer Deathmatch mode. This mode will feature at least 10 levels, and will include remakes of classic Doom levels. The modder also plans to add some special arenas with special conditions, such as invading monsters and vehicles.

In Brutal Doom version 21, players will be able to drive vehicles. These vehicles will be added to the Extermination Day campaign. However, there won’t be sections that will force players to use them. These drivable vehicles will be optional.

Last but not least, SGtMarkIV will add some of the exclusive PSX Doom levels to Brutal Doom. Players will be able to access these levels via secret teleporters.

Brutal Doom version 21 will get a public beta testing next week, so stay tuned for more!

BDv21 Dev Diary - Animations, Vehicles, PSX Levels, Map Enhancement System.