New details and gameplay trailers revealed for Cat Quest 2

PQube and Singaporean developer The Gentlebros have revealed some new details and three new gameplay trailers for Cat Quest 2. In case you were unaware of, Cat Quest 2 is a 2D open-world action-RPG set in a fantasy realm of cats and dogs.

The game will feature vast deserts, towering rocks and auburn meadows. Cat Quest 2 is set in the Lupus Empire; a beautiful, unique and full of quests environment. Players, however, will also be able to explore its neighboring feline land.

After numerous requests, Cat Quest 2 will feature a 2-player co-op mode. In this mode, a pair of heroes will try to liberate the Cat Kingdom and Lupus Empire from rulers gone mad.

The game will also come with new weapon types, spells and passive bonuses on armour. For instance, the new ranged weapons enable full spellcatster playstyles.

Cat Quest 2 will pack new weapon types and spells as well as passive skills on armour pieces. A diverse new arsenal of wands and staffs that boast lots of spell damage let you restore mana by attacking from the backline after unleashing powerful new spells. Two-handers will expand the pool of melee weapons with broader blows and harder hits.

Last but not least, the new passive skills on armour will let you further customise your hero with perks. Some of them are increased attack speed, magic resistance and extended rolling distance.

Cat Quest 2 will release on September 24th.


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