New Counter-Strike: GO Beta Update comes with FXAA & Intel’s integrated graphics chipsets support

We’re pretty sure that most CS: GO fans will be disappointed to hear that the game has been delayed yet again. Yeah, that sucks but hopefully Valve will be able to further polish your beloved game, so no reason to start cursing them. In addition, the company released a new update for the game’s beta version that replaces Source’s shadow engine and adds support for both FXAA and Intel’s integrated graphics chipsets. Furthermore, the update enables the Arsenal Mode: Demolition, fixes, miscellaneous map bugs and removes the capping mouse acceleration values. The update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view its changelog below.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Update Changelog:
– Enabled Arsenal Mode: Demolition ( Gungame-objective ).
– Set quickmatch to Arsenal Demolition, de_lake.
– Replaced Source shadow engine.
– Added support for Intel integrated graphics chipsets.
– Added FXAA.
– Radically reduced dsp on 3rd person footsteps to address directionality problems.
– Remixed ladder footsteps to prevent players thinking someone was right next to them when they weren’t.
– Decreased weapon shot volumes relative to footsteps. This should cause one to increase their volume locally to the level they are used to playing, thereby loudening footsteps in the mix.
– Reduced number of dynamic audio channels, thereby increasing the number of static ones. This is to counter the overrunning of static audio channels and dropping sounds.
– Updated win round music.
– Remixed deathcam music.
– Added round start and team auto select countdown beeps.
– Adjusted soundscapes on most maps.
– Edited existing knife hit wall/world to be more universal for all surfaces. Added three more variations.
– Lowered AK47 position to match m4.
– Fixed crouch/jump-crouch seeing through the ceiling.
– Casual mode limit changed from 30 minutes to 10 rounds.
– Fixed exagerated neck hitbox that made headshots much easier.
– Refined most hitboxes to better match player geometry.
– Fixed one-way smoke grenades.
– Implemented achievement medals.
– Dynamically resizing the pause menu panels to match the number of options present. Fixing the back button on the subpanel to swap to a button hint string for console/controller.
– Fixed renaming of files when pressing F5 for death cam.
– Fixed overlap between Health/Armor panel and spectator panel.
– Adding playing joing messages and playing as bot message to mini scoreboard
– Adding hud alerts panel for telling you match state
– Changed art and animation for alert, achievement, info and defuse panels.
– Added icon for defusing without a defuse kit to defuse panel.
– Updated some weapon images.
– Added element to the team miniscoreboard that displays when you’re currently controlling a bot as well as what team you are playing on every time you spawn.
– Added alerts for last round of first half, last round of match, and match-point.
– Fixed some defuse panel data.
– Added CT defusing state to player ID.
– Fixed bug where spectating player’s view would pop back up when observed player was in full duck.
– Fixed miscellaneous map bugs.
– Remove capping mouse accel values (caused negative in-game effects)
– Reducing the latency between bomb defuse thinks, which causes the defuse HUD to feel laggy and allows a non-fixed duration of time where you can let go of the defuse button and still be counted as defusing as long as you press defuse again before the next c4 think.