New Company of Heroes 2 Details; snow will affect COH2’s gameplay, ‘True Sight’ Mode Explained

Earlier today, we informed you about Company of Heroes 2, the new strategy game by Relic Games. The sequel to one of the best strategy games was revealed via PCGamer UK and now we can bring you more details about it. Company of Heroes 2 will begin in 1941 and will see players taking the role of the Russians as they try to defend Stalingrad and towards the ultimate victory of Berlin. The game will be focused Eastern Front and will feature a lot of snow.
Snow won’t be just a simple graphical effect though, as it will affect COH2’s gameplay. COH2’s snow will have depth, will spread procedurally, and will compact when rolled over by tanks. This basically means that the snow will change the way you think about battlefield as tanks can get bogged down in deep snowdrifts.
Furthermore, Company of Heroes 2 will sport a new feature called ‘True Sight.’ According to Relic, players will be able to see only what their soldiers can see in the battlefield. This basically means that you won’t be able to see what’s behind a building or the smoke from the grenades. Well, that is if you haven’t spread your units. This will add a new strategic element to the game, as players will have to scout areas and spread their units as best they can. Oh, and this time around, units will be able to vault over cover such as low walls.
Company of Heroes 2 is currently slated for a 2013 on the PC and Relic wants to offer a more realistic battlefield, more tactical improvements and more authenticity. Sounds good and what a proper sequel should feature; more features and major improvements to most gameplay elements, while at the same time retaining its core game.