New Battlefield V details: No loot boxes or Premium Pass, enhanced movement system, bullet penetration & more

The official Twitter account for Battlefield V has revealed some new details about Battlefield V. According to the developers, this latest Battlefield game won’t feature loot boxes or a Premium Pass, meaning that all players will have access to the same maps and modes.

In Battlefield 5, players will spawn with fewer grenades, however they can do more with ’em. Players will be able to shoot them in mid-air or toss back enemy grenades that land near their squad. Moreover, the game will allow high-powered weaponry to blast right through walls, however, small caliber weapons like pistols won’t.

The developers have also confirmed that the movement system will be getting a pretty big upgrade as players will be able to jump through windows, sprint while crouching, shoot while backpedaling, and do a whole lot more.

Battlefield V is currently scheduled for an October release!