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New AMD drivers are optimized for Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite

AMD has just released a brand new driver that offers optimal performance in Halo Infinite. Additionally, and since this is a newer driver than the Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.11.2, we can assume that it packs all of the performance improvmenets that were featured in it.

As AMD claimed, the latest “Halo Infinite” driver contains Radeon Software Adrenalin for Halo Infinite Driver Version for Windows 10 and Windows 11. For comparison purposes, the previous driver was Version

So, alongside the support for Halo Infinite’s MP Mode, this driver should improve performance in Battlefield 2042. AMD claims that the previous driver can increase performance between 11-15%.

You can download this new AMD driver from here. You can also find below its complete changelog (for the BF2042 improvements, head over to this page).

Have fun!

HLINF driver release notes