NetherRealm’s Ed Boon Shares Mortal Kombat Facts; MKT was made due to PS1’s additional CD space

Mortal Kombat HD
We here in DSOG love Mortal Kombat, especially its older 2D versions. And since PS4 is almost upon us, NetherRealm’s Ed Boon, creator of Mortal Kombat, decided to share some memories and facts from the older parts of MK. As Ed Boon said, when MK3 came out for the PS1, Midway held an event celebrating all the versions (Super Nintendo, Genesis and PS1).
In addition, Ed Boon tweeted that  the PS1 version was identical to the arcade and that the Sony spokes-person said something like “The PS version is the ONLY true arcade version“. Well, that spokes-person was lying actually as the PS version suffered from an awful delay during Shang Tsung’s morphing technique. The PC version, on the other hand, did not suffer from such a thing, looked and played great, and was closer to the arcade version.
What really striked us, though, was the reason behind the creation of Mortal Kombat Trilogy. According to Boon, the PS1 had so much space (CD drive) that they decided to include the MK1 and MK2 assets and call it MK Trilogy. Yeap, that was how MK Trilogy was created, so I guess we should thank Sony for that.
Ed Boon has also revealed that since they didn’t have animations for the MK1 & MK2 characters “running”, they just made them “walk real fast”. Moreover, MK Trilogy was also the first MK game where Midway switched to a different actor for Johnny Cage, though Boon did not reveal the reasons behind that switch.
Ed Boon has also shared some information about the 3D versions of Mortal Kombat, though we are not fans of those games so we won’t be sharing them. Still, those interested can pay a visit to Ed Boon’s Twitter account.

Mortal Kombat 2 - PC MS-DOS version demo

Mortal Kombat 3 PC DOS and Windows comparison

Mortal Kombat Trilogy PC Windows and PC DOS comparison