Need For Speed: Rivals – Framerate Reported To Be Unlocked On The PC Version

Need for Speed Rivals

And suddenly Need For Speed: Rivals is back on our radar. A couple of months ago, Ghost Games claimed that all versions of NFS: Rivals would be locked at 30fps. Well, it seems that’s not the case anymore. TeamVVV had the chance to test the PC build of NFS: Rivals and claimed that the framerate on PC version is unrestricted, and that those with powerful machines will be able to push 60fps. This is mentioned during the 1:20 mark point, so go ahead and take a look yourselves.

The official word – even at this point – is that all versions will be locked at 30fps. Since TeamVVV got its hands on the PC build, though, we are pretty sure that they can be considered reliable.

Here is hoping that Ghost Games won’t pull a NFS: The Run on us.

Enjoy the first part of TeamVVV’s hands on below, and kudos to NeoGAF’s member ‘angular graphics’ for spotting it!

NFS Rivals Hands-on part 1 of 3