Napoleon: Total War – Free-to-play until Sunday 17th

SEGA today announced that from Thursday 14th June 6PM GMT/10AM PST until Sunday 17th June 5PM GMT/9AM PST, the multi award-winning Napoleon: Total War will be free to download and play from Steam, and at the same time will be 50% off the normal purchase price.
Celebrating 197 years since the defeat of Emperor Napoleon by the Duke of Wellington, The Creative Assembly hopes to further develop Anglo-French (and Prussian) relations by allowing all gamers the chance to recreate or change history with a free Steam weekend.
From his early Italian campaign, right through to the decisive Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon: Total War encompasses two decades of Napoleon’s relentless battles; the backdrop is a world in flames, against which the story of an extraordinary military career unfolds.
Featuring head-to-head campaign multiplayer and optional drop-in combat against other human players, Napoleon: Total War also pushes the boundaries of multiplayer strategy gaming.
The full version of Napoleon: Total War will be available to play for free until Sunday, downloaded through Valve’s Steam service. Additionally, during this free-to-play period and up to 5PM GMT/9AM PST on Monday 18th June, the title can be purchased for 50% less than its usual price.