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Mortal Kombat Project Season 2 Final – Patch #3 adds new fatalities and stages, improves AI and more

The team behind Mortal Kombat Project Season 2 Final has released a brand new patch for this free MUGEN fighting game that is based on NetherRealm’s classic MK titles. According to the release notes, this patch adds new pit fatalities and some new stages.

Furthermore, update #3 revises the koin/treasure system and as such there won’t be any slot machines at the end and players will only have to input the code manually. The latest patch also improves the game’s AI, revises jump arcs and distances, and makes it easier to perform the various combos and brutalities.

It’s also worth pointing out that this patch also improves throw mechanics and introduces “breakable throws”, allows players to disable all smoke/visual effects on all characters at once, adds endings to all characters, and revises the “finishhim” state coding.

Those interested can download the fully patched version of Mortal Kombat Project Season 2 Final from here. Those that have already installed a previous version can simply download and apply the patch from here. Below you can also find the complete changelog for this patch.

Mortal Kombat Project Season 2 Final – Patch #3 Release Notes

  • koin/treasure system revised. no more slot machine at the end – you only have to input the code manually. however the code is not hard-written – each start there is a new code. every time you get a flawless victory, one, two of three symbols of the kode are shown. so have three ways to find the kode and unlock secret battles: 1) get three flawless victories and enter the symbols in known patterns; 2) get enough money for combos and try three random symbols together; 3) be a lazy guy and see the kode in debug mode (ctrl+D)
  • jump arcs and distances revised while jumping over opponent for a crossup
  • arcade-friendly “own corner” feature added, that allowed you to push enemies out of “your” corner of the stage
  • new AI tactics, where above all else cpu can randomly decide to walk near for a punch/kick or combo or walk away for a fireball
  • new AI reactions added, that respond to jumping forward, uppercut, punching etc.
  • also AI will now back off from cornering which actually gives you a free moment
  • combos and brutalities became easier to input, also brutalities can now be broken into simple combos while holding “forward” or “down”
  • added possibility to exchange the “Aggressor” mode for “RAGE”: if you set var(24) to 2 instead of 1 in common1.cns, the aggressor power-up mode will only turn on when you press block+run in game, not automatically once it’s filled
  • in the same manner you can exchange aggressor for breaker. if you set var(24) to 3, you’ll gain “aggressor” points for being hit and spend them on a breaker once filled. please note that using his setting will disable game’s own breakers permanently
  • finishhim state coding revised – it plays the musics right at the announcement, plus it doesn’t break up at brutality or deep freeze moments
  • breakable throws – players can get hit and receive damage while throwing opponents. also better throw mechanics overall
  • new shortcut “commands” to have rain, wind or even sample stage fatals on your stages. just enter the following in your stage *.def file:
    author = “1_W@NN@_FR33Z3”; for cold/frosty breath effect
    author = “1_W@NT_R@1N”; for rain sound effect – suits best if you already have the rain graphics in your stage
    author = “1_W@NT_R@1NS”;for rain like on mk4 stage, the kombat kodes for bloody rain and no rain will also work
    author = “1_W@NT_W1ND”; for wind sound effect
    author = “1_W@NT_ST0RM”; for random thunder sound effects
    author = “1_W@NT_P1T”; for custom pit fatality where player falls to the bottom of the stage
    author = “1_W@NN@_F@LL”; for custom stage fatality where player slowly falls off the screen
    author = “1_W@NT_BR1CK”; for custom stage fatality where player is slammed into ceiling and a big stone falls down
    no need to edit common files for each new stage anymore!
  • same can be done if you want to use common mk1-mka music for finishim/round end – just use “M00XX” as your stage’s “Name” (not displayname) parameter, where XX is the music sample number from common1.snd
  • added possibility to turn all smoke/visual effects off on all characters at once. to do so, you need to press down + low punch + low kick in pause menu. this might be very useful for slow machines and/or on heavily loading stages and/or in 2 on 2 mode when 2 or more characters emit smoke effects which may drop your frame rate drastically
  • all characters have endings
  • minor fixes: Nightwolf got his random red arrow back, Raiden falldown to teleport transition, Liu Kang bicycle kick pos bind etc. etc.
  • new stages – Lin Kuei temple update by SpoR/Faust, Lung Hai Temple, Beetle Lair, Nethership hold by Bathory, AdrianoGT and Hanzo Hasashi
  • new pit fatalities added to following stages: MKM fire pit, The Nexus MKD +sample fatality examples at Star Bridge (Sky battle), MKM Wind temple, Koldan Castle.
MKP season 2 final - Patch 3