Mortal Kombat II (Snes Edition) Coming To Doom

Our reader ‘Cristian Fabian Muñoz Isla’ has informed us about a new MK modification for Doom on skulltag/zandronum/gzdoom. According to Cristian, this mod uses an improved version of the ‘Mortal Kombat for gzdoom’ code, with some additional fixes (with regards to the camera).
In case you are unaware of, this mod allows players to play MP matches of Mortal Kombat II via Doom. It’s a clever way to overcome the fact that Midway’s classic fighting games did not allow for such a thing, so kudos to Cristian.
Even though this mod is still in progress, the basic code is done. Not only that, but the – overall – progress of this mod is faster than the old MK doom, so hopefully we’ll be getting a demo or an alpha really soon.
Cristian has also released a video, showcasing some MP action of it.