Mortal Kombat HD : Kommunity Edition Is The MK Game You Were Waiting For

Mortal Kombat logo

I’m seriously amazed by what the MK community has managed to achieve. Mortal Kombat HD : Kommunity Edition is a fan project to be distributed freely, and aims to completely recreate the first Mortal Kombat game. The good news is that MK HD: Kommunity Edition looks spectacular, and can be easily considered as the best tribute you’ve ever seen to NetherRealm’s classic fighting game. The bad news is that it’s only 25% complete.

The team behind it has released so far various test videos, showcasing what this upcoming MK HD game looks like. And to be honest, we’re simply speechless with what it accomplished this far. Seriously now, this can’t get any better. It’s a dream come true, so let’s hope that NetherRealm will not send a C&D letter.

We’ve always wished for a HD version of the classic MK games. NetherRealm Studios, however, isn’t willing to return to its classic titles. After all, a HD version of the first two MK games was scrapped a couple of years ago. Therefore, we can only hope that this team will manage to somehow pull it off and release this 2D/3D Mortal Kombat HD game.


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Goro's Lair Music, animations and some sound FXs

Spear W.I.P. & Fatality dark effect

Liu Kang Turn animation