Morrowind Overhaul Version 2.0 Coming This Christmas

Ah, Skyrim. Such an amazing game and yet we haven’t covered it in our performance analysis section. There is a reason to that and that’s obviously due to some mods that we are really looking forward to. Then again, our GTX295 is not powerful enough to handle most of the high-resolution textures so we’d be limited by its low vRam. Add to this that Bethesda didn’t send us a review code and that we need to cover first Serious Sam 3 and there you have it. And while most of you are already enjoying this RPG, some modders felt the need to return and overhaul – for one more time – Bethesda’s previous gem. Yeap, that’s right everyone; Morrowind is about to get another big overhaul this Christmas.
Now before jumping to early conclusions, the Morrowind Overhaul Mod is NOT the same with the Morrowind 2011 one. These are two completely different mods and we are happy to report that Morrowind 2011 will also get a new update this month. Two of the best Morrowind mods getting update in the same month. Damn, what more could you ask guys?
But let’s get back to the topic. According to Morrowind Overhaul’s modder, the new version will feature an AutoUpdate feature, a little program that will automatically update the Morrowind installation with the most recent fixes and an AutoInstaller that automatically installs and sets every option for you. It can also check for errors, tell how to solve them and prevent mistakes, as well as many new mods, fixes, optimizations with over 240 single mods from at least 110 authors.
Here is some footage from an old version of Morrowind Overhaul to get an idea of what it’s currently bringing to the table. Enjoy!
Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds & Graphics