More ArmA 3 Details; Underwater missions, changing uniforms, Greek Island Limnos as game’s new setting

Okay military sim fans, get ready as we have some brand new and interesting details for Bohemia Interactive’s upcoming game, ArmA 3. After the artwork of a Greek character – called Nikos Panagopoulos, we actually knew that the game would take place in Greece. And in GamesCom, the developers revealed that the Greek island Limnos will be the new setting for their acclaimed military game.
Moreover, it was revealed that there will be underwater missions, while players will also have the ability to change uniforms and infiltrate enemy’s bases.
The biggest technical improvement from ArmA 2 is undoubtedly the introduction of physics. This time around there will be proper collisions and new sets of animations, volumetric clouds, higher resolution textures and a better data streaming. And yeah, the AI has been overhauled.
The scope of this game is phenomenal. We strongly suggest watching the entire video at the end of this post – courtesy of TotalBiscuit. It’s really amazing viewing Limnos from high above the ground while flying a plane and showcases how unique ArmA 3 will actually be.
There will also be a lot of tutorials during the single player campaign that will hopefully help all those who are not familiar with Bohemia’s games and there will be some various user interface improvements, while all the hardcore elements will remain unchanged.
ArmA 3 looks great and is slated for release next year exclusively on the PC!
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