Monster Hunter World Iceborne feature

Monster Hunter World’s PC performance issues may be caused by its anti-cheat, workaround discovered

The first big expansion for Monster Hunter World, Iceborne, is finally available on the PC. However, the game’s latest update brought major performance issues to both the main game and its expansion. And from the looks of it, these PC performance issues are mainly due to the new anti-cheat system that Capcom has implemented.

In case you weren’t aware of, Monster Hunter World is currently maxing out most CPUs. According to numerous reports, the culprit behind this unusual CPU behaviour is the new anti-cheat system. Now the good news here is that there is a workaround for these “optimization” issues that you can use right now in order to improve overall performance.

All you have to do is follow this guide:

  • Start the game and wait until you’re in the main menu
  • Press alt+enter to switch to windowed mode from fullscreen
  • Press ‘X’ to close the window
  • When asked if you really wanna close the game, say ‘no’ (people have been saying to leave this box open, but it doesn’t seem necessary, so just say ‘no’ to close it)
  • Press alt+enter again to switch from windowed back to fullscreen

Now the reason this workaround fix works is because it tricks the anti cheat to terminate the process. Numerous PC gamers have reported lower CPU usage and higher framerates after using this fix. Therefore, we suggest using it if you are currently experiencing any performance issues.

Capcom has stated that it’s currently investigating these PC performance issues. As such, it will be interesting to see whether the Japanese company will “optimize” its anti-cheat solution via a new title update.

Stay tuned for more!