Monster Hunter World removed from WeGame after numerous complaints, drops to Mixed reviews on Steam

It appears that Monster Hunter World, while a commercial success for Capcom on the PC, has really damaged the company’s image, something that may affect its newer titles. After receiving numerous complaints from fans and at the request of the authorities, Tencent has permanently removed the game from WeGame.

WeGame stated that Monster Hunter World did “not fully comply with relevant regulatory and policy requirements”. Do note though that this may be irrelevant to the real issues of the game. As Radiichina pointed out, the gaming market in China has been grappling with issues related to the authorities’ “clean up” operation targeting apparently “inappropriate” content. As such, Monster Hunter World may have been flagged for inappropriate content and that could be the reason for its removal.

Right now, Capcom’s monster hunting title suffers from major server issues. Not only that, but as we’ve already reported, the PC version is not that well optimized (considering the previous Capcom games). It’s also worth noting that contrary to other titles, this time Capcom refused sending us a review code (I don’t think we’re blacklisted and my gut says that Capcom already knew that Monster Hunter World PC had issues that were not fixed at launch).

Furthermore, and while the game has broken three records on Steam already, it now has Mixed reviews on Valve’s distribution service (meaning that it has fallen lower than 50%). Most Steam users cite the game’s performance and server issues for their negative scores.

Let’s also not forget the fact that Capcom claimed back in January 2018 that it would delay the PC version in order to offer a ‘really great optimised PC experience.’ Well… apparently that wasn’t the case!