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Monster Hunter World apparently sold well on PC, gets an unofficial Hard Mode

According to some leaked documents from Capcom, Monster Hunter World has sold well on the PC. Even though its PC release was delayed, Monster Hunter World has managed to sell more copies on the PC than on Xbox One or PS4 in some regions.

As we can see, Monster Hunter World’s PC sales were incredible in Asia. Similarly, the game’s PS4 sales in Japan were extraordinary. Thankfully, for PC gamers, things got better with Iceborne. As we can see, Iceborne sold better on the PC in most countries, excluding Japan of course.

What’s also interesting is Capcom’s microtransaction DLC revenue. According to the leaked documents, PC gamers are not that interested in MTX. On the other hand, PS4 gamers are bringing a lot of money for Capcom.

Lastly, modder ‘nimu’ released an unofficial Hard Mode for Monster Hunter World. This mod increases speed, attack power, and fear value when all monsters are in an angry state. Additionally, the mod extends the wrath time of all monsters. You can download this unofficial Hard Mode from here.

Have fun!