Monster Hunter Rise feature

You can now play Monster Hunter Rise Demo on PC via a Nintendo Switch emulator

Monster Hunter fans, here is something for you today. The team behind the Nintendo Switch emulator, Ryujinx, has released a brand new version that allows you to play the recently released demo of Monster Hunter Rise.

In case you weren’t aware of, Ryujinx features a special Local Wireless & LAN Mode that allows “Local Play” or “Local Wireless” to work across the internet with other Ryujinx users, as well as local-network play with Switch consoles on games that support LAN mode.

As the team noted, this latest update brings with it many improvements and bug fixes. It also brings a special performance tweak for the Monster Hunter Rise Demo that is not in the master build. Thus, PC gamers can play the Monster Hunter Rise Demo online with other Ryujinx users across the internet using the Local Play option.

You can download Ryujinx LDN2.1 from its Patreon page. This beta built is available to everyone.

From what we know so far, Capcom plans to bring Monster Hunter Rise to the PC after its Nintendo Switch release. Until then, though, you can play on your PC the Nintendo Switch Demo.

Have fun!