Mojang’s Scrolls enters Alpha Phase

Mojang has revealed that their turn-based game, Scrolls, has entered its alpha stage. And since it managed to enter this alpha phase, a number of mails with codes will be sent to the first bunch of testers for it. As the team stated, Scrolls is still missing a lot of features and content that they plan on implementing over the upcoming months. Alpha testers should also keep in mind that Mojang will – most certainly – be changing many of the current scrolls in the game during this time.
Scrolls’s alpha version will feature a Deck Building, a Single Player mode and a Multiplayer mode.
With the Deck Building, players will be able to create their own decks. The alpha account comes with a full set of scrolls, meaning you will have 3 of each available scroll in the game. A deck must be at least 40 scrolls big, and you can have no more than 3 of each scroll in it. You can have as many decks as you like and you may use the same scrolls in different decks.
The Single Player mode of Scrolls in this alpha stage is not complete as you will not be able to venture the world or go toe to toe against the powerful bosses that inhabits it. Still, the alpha will allow you to test your strength against an AI opponent. You will have the option of 3 difficulty settings, each of which has a number of different decks to play against.
Last but not least, the Multiplayer mode offers an Arena section, in which players can chat with other players as well as challenge them. Players can also queue up for a multiplayer match against a random opponent. When playing a multiplayer match, there will be a round timer allowing the players no more then 90 seconds to make their move.