Modern Warfare 3 PC Will Support Dedicated Servers

Well, it was to be expected. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games had to do something to win back all those PC fans, especially after that mind-blowing Battlefield 3 trailer and guess what? Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will support dedicated servers. Now what happened to that Infinity Ward service? Figures!
This was confirmed minutes ago by Robert Bowling via his Twitter account and PC players will be able to set up their own rules, fav or admin their own control setup and bans.
As Robert tweeted:
“Yes! Modern Warfare 3 on PC will support dedicated servers, day 1. You can fav or admin your own to control setup, rules, bans.”
Will this be enough however to earn the trust of all those PC gamers that were screwed up by the very same company? Only time will tell!