Modders trying to recreate Destruction Derby 2 in Wreckfest

A team of modders (The Very End, Harmalarm, Mazay and STRmods) is currently working on recreating the classic Destruction Derby 2 game in Wreckfest. Wreckfest is the spiritual successor to the FlatOut series, which was the spiritual successor to the Destruction Derby series. So yeap, we went a full circle.

This mod for Wreckfest is still under development, however a version of it is already available for download (from here).

The current version of the Destruction Derby mod for Wreckfest features:

  • Better survabilities for the car – do not be affraight to deal some damage!
  • Smoother camera movements for chase veiw cameras
  • More twisting collisions! Cars will spin, roll and react more violent on hits, making the collisions more spectacular!
  • More agressive AI. The AI is now more on the mission to create caos, rather than driving clean. The name is Wreckfest, and they obey
  • AI names from the DD serie
  • More weather options to choose from, several different types of skyboxes were lurking in the game files and is now activitatet in this mod
  • Chalk Canyon! – Do I need to say more?
  • Red Pike Arena – Because we need an propper derby aswell!
  • Death Bowl – Go over the edge, I dare you..
  • The Pit – The cluster

The next versions of this mod will feature more tracks, better AI, and reworked checkpoints.

Have fun!