NieR Automata feature

Modder fixes NieR: Automata’s fullscreen resolution upscaling issue

NieR: Automata has just been released on the PC and it appears that the game suffers from some weird upscaling issues when it is being played at fullscreen mode. Weird stuff, I know. Thankfully, though, modder ‘Kaldaien’ released a mod that fixes that issues.

All you have to do is download Kaldaien’s fix from here and replace the dxgi.ini file in NieR: Automata’s folder with it.

Kaldaien has also included his own framerate limiter that it is said to perform better than the vanilla one, an option via which players can lower values for LimiterTolerance in order to increase CPU load of framerate limiter for more consistent framerates, and an option to align the framerate limiter to VBLANK.

In addition, Kaldaien has included options for the game’s refresh rate, VSYNC, pre-rendered frame limit, and has set backbuffer to double-buffered instead of quad-buffered.