MMO News: Firefall Open Beta Phase Is A Go, The Secret World’s Issue 7 Is Now Live

The Secret World v2
Red 5 Studios announce that its free-to-play open world shooter, Firefall, has entered the first stage of Open Beta testing. Players can join Firefall’s Open Beta test for free by signing up at its official website and in order to celebrate it, the company has released a new live-action trailer for it that can be viewed below.
James Macauley, Vice President of Development, Red 5 Studios said:
“We’d like to thank our great community for all of their support through Closed Beta. Having just surpassed 1 million registered users, we’re extremely excited to move into the first stage of Open Beta testing and finally unlock Firefall for everyone. Our studio motto is Change Everything, Create Fun, and with our iterative development process based heavily on community feedback we believe that we’ve brought an innovative new gaming experience to the MMO space. We’ll be growing that experience over the months ahead with new features and content delivered frequently into testers’ hands.”
Funcom, on the other hand, announced that the seventh major content update for  The Secret World is now live. In Issue #7 : A Dream to Kill, players can live out their secret agent fantasies by jumping off an exploding bridge, going on a highly weaponized snowmobile chase through the Transylvanian mountains, learning to use the new Flamethrower Auxiliary Weapon and pulling off a daring escape from a secretive villain. Funcom has also released a new trailer for The Secret World’s new content that can be viewed below.
Issue #7 : A Dream to Kill  promises to take players on a long journey through Transylvania where they get to explore the brand new storyline and uncover hidden Orochi experiments gone horribly wrong. The update contains much more than the many new missions in Transylvania though. Players can acquire the brand new Flamethrower Auxiliary weapon, which is great for doing damage over time to groups of enemies. The Flamethrower can also slow opponents down, cover them in oil or lay down a wall of fire.