Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst – Closed Beta Phase Begins On April 22nd

Electronic Arts and DICE revealed that the closed beta phase for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will begin on April 22nd. This phase will last for five days, meaning that it will end on April 26th.

Moreover, Electronic Arts and DICE released a new developer diary for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst that focuses on its Social Play.

In Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, players will be able to create their own Time Trials, the challenging Dashes designed by DICE, and place Beat Location Emitters in the city of Glass for their friends to find.


Mirror's Edge Catalyst Developer Diary - Social Play


YouTube’s ‘AFILLARI’ has also released two videos, showcasing 30 minutes of pure gameplay footage!

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Opening Mission Gameplay (PC/1080p/60FPS)

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Exploration Gameplay (PC/1080p/60FPS)