Miner Wars 2081 – Advanced Rendering Engine Revealed

Keen Software has just announced that their in-house VRAGE engine got some brand new hi-end features implemented. VRAGE now supports Image-Based Anti-Aliasing (FXAA), Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, Real spot lights with shadows, Sun light with much better precision, HDR, environmental textures, bloom/blur and Multiple monitor support. In addition, the company released a video that showcases most of those advanced features and can be viewed after the jump.
The retail price of Miner Wars has been incremented to 19.99 USD. That means there is now a 50% discount from the final price of 39.99 USD. Keen Software is going to gradually increase the price up to the final level during the development of the game. If you buy the Pre-Alpha now, you get immediate access to the game in the current developmental stage and follow with them on the game development with every release (new release with extra features and updates is available approximately once a month). Buying in during Pre-Alpha stage will include (of course!) the final full game as well.
Miner Wars - Advanced rendering - Voxels, SSAO, HDR, shadows, image space LOD