Mind = blown; Sonic After The Sequel – fan-made 2D Sonic game – Is Now Available For Free

Sonic fans, waste no time and download this fan-made 2D Sonic game. Download it now while you still can. Download it now as SEGA has not sent a C&D letter as of yet. Download it now and mirror it, share it with everyone, let people know that some fans have created a brilliant new 2D Sonic game.
Sonic After The Sequel has been under development for a year, and can be downloaded from here.
There is really nothing more to add. All Sonic fans have been waiting for something like that, so words cannot describe how happy we are with this freeware game.
It’s almost a given that SEGA will send a C&D letter, however the game has already been completed. Therefore, it’s only a matter of sharing it in various places.
Sonic After The Sequel : Release Trailer

LET'S PLAY: Sonic After The Sequel PART 1