Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Marauder Tribe Sneak Peak

Warner Bros. Interavctive Entertainment have released a video today showing a very quick sneak peak of the Marauder Tribe, a faction of Orcs who enjoy the smalls things in life, such as feasting on whatever they choose.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War NEW Marauder Tribe Video

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is now featuring Orcs as apart of tribes which now extend their influence all the way back to Overlords which rule conquerable fortresses in the massive world.

Having such a dynamic and interact-able foe within the game such as the ‘Orc’ provides a culture around them even if they are the enemy. This can be seen the above video as Orcs are depicted in the movies as quite mindless while these Orcs seem to thirst not only for blood but also grog and glory.

Source: YouTube