Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – The Bright Lord DLC Now Available

Warner Bros released The Bright Lord DLC, a new Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor story mission expansion pack, along with a new trailer. In The Bright Lord, players become Celebrimbor and face the Dark Lord himself. Celebrimbor will use his new abilities to dominate Sauron and retrieve the One Ring in order to take control of Middle-earth.

The Bright Lord DLC includes the following features:

  • Play as Celebrimbor, the Bright Lord, wielding a Ring of Power to challenge Sauron for domination
    – Wield the Power of the One Ring to dominate and defeat your enemies. Activate the ring to become invisible and tear through your enemies from the shadows
    – Deadly new Elven Archery abilities with a rapid fire bow
    – New ways to dominate your enemies and build your Army including Shadow Brand
  • New Story Campaign, including 10 new Missions
  • Face the power of the Dark Lord and his armies at the height of their power
    – An epic boss fight against the Dark Lord Sauron himself for domination of Mordor
    – Face a more powerful Uruk Army with Elite Nemesis Enemies and Warchiefs up to level 25 and deadly new abilities
  • New Celebrimbor Skin
    – Play as Celebrimbor in the main Campaign
  • New “Test of the Ring” Challenge Mode
    – Play with the new Celebrimbor abilities
    – Higher level enemies (i.e., only way to get Level 30 Runes to take back to the Main Story Campaign) with the goal to Dominate rather than kill the hierarchy


Shadow of Mordor The Bright Lord DLC Details Revealed