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Microsoft On UWP Features: VSync, GSync/Freesync, Overlay & Multigpu Support + Win32 Converter

During the Build 2016 event, Microsoft revealed some of the upcoming features for its UWP platform. According to Microsoft, the ability to disable VSync and official support for both GSync and Freesync will be coming in May. Not only that, but Microsoft confirmed that in the future, both overlays and mods will be supported in UWP games.

Microsoft has also confirmed that official multi-GPU support will be coming in the future. This most probably explains why Gears of War: Ultimate Edition does not support multi-gpus at the moment, and why The Coalition has been stating these past weeks that it’s been working on it.

What’s also interesting here is that Microsoft announced the Desktop App Converter; a tool that converts Win32 apps to Centennial which is the Win32 bridge, thus giving them access to all UWP APIs.

Microsoft showcased this tool by converting both Age of Empires II HD and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and running them as UWP apps. The really cool thing here is that Age of Empires II HD was running with mods and an overlay. In addition, Microsoft claimed that developers can convert their apps with no change to the original code.

Last but not least, Microsoft claimed that UWP will give better performance for games and better safety for users.

All in all, it appears that Microsoft is trying to address every issue that has been raised regarding UWP games!